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After Overcoming All Odds, Raffles Student Turned Tutor Helped Other Students Get Ahead

Most will not have achieve what tutor Boyu has achieved. After failing his PSLE English, he can only settled for a mediocre school with little hopes of making to a top junior college.

Yet, despite the circumstances, Boyu was determined to succeed as a secondary student and studied ferociously during her secondary school days. After 4 years of hard work, eventually he made it into Raffles Junior College.

At Raffles Junior College, facing a sea of brilliant students, not only did Boyu worked harder than ever, he exceeded is expectations and eventually got into National University of Singapore with straight As.

After entering university, Boyu decided to engage in tuition so that he can earn some part time money while also helping others excel in their field.








When he found out about Highflyer, he decided to try it out after understanding that it employs an accreditation system that keeps track of quality through regular reviews and ratings.

After 2 years of being a tutor, Boyu says that he has happily achieved his original tutoring goal and is glad that he has decided to give tuition amidst his busy academic schedule.

When asked about what keeps him going during his secondary school days, Boyu says that he did it for his family.

“I do not want to disappoint my parents, who has worked so hard to put me through school. I realized that I have to work harder so that I can better take care of them next time.”


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